Monday, November 9, 2009

Table Talk : Disapproval

My gaming group was at something of a loss this weekend. With one player missing, we didn't want to run a game where she'd created a character - which basically left us with one option, Eric's Stargate game. Which he didn't feel up to running.

So we had to have a brainstorming session about what would be run. Kurt and Eric presented several options, all new stuff that we hadn't touched. I briefly pondered doing a Serenity game, but quickly dismissed the idea. We finally settled on one of Eric's pitches - a low-power superhero-type game, somewhat like Heroes in tone. The game would be set in modern-day India.

After confirming that I could not have Peter Petrelli's powerset, nor Sylar's, I built my character - an American software CEO, Desmond Carter, who'd discovered he had shapeshifting powers. Kurt built 'Dr. Chakra' - a medical doctor and neighborhood defender with astral projection powers and martial arts skills. Desmond's combat skills were mediocre at best, considering he lacked any offensive capability beyond a simple punch. But his unusual physiology included some regeneration abilities, so he could take punishment.

We established that Desmond was going to India for a tech conference, demonstrating the new version of his company's hit translation software - there was talk of riots in the streets as racial tensions flared. I joked that I should have Desmond go down to put a stop to all that, to give the race rioters a stern talking-to, and that started the meme of the night :

Desmond Carter, AKA The Disapprover.

He doesn't fight crime, so much as he scolds it into submission. His finger wags.. for justice.

It was a good session, though, especially considering the level of improvisation that must've been going on. Eric even managed to get the two PCs to the same location and fighting for common cause. He's much improved since the olden days, in his gamemastering youth. A tale for another time..

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