Monday, October 25, 2010

Week in Geek

So, I haven't been keeping up with these like I should. I'm a bad comics blogger.

Spent a good bit of time this week on video games - catching legendaries in Pokemon Platinum, and finally breaking in the multiplayer on Starcraft II. I'm not as bas as I expected, but not as good as I need to be.

Picked up some random comics at a flea market this past week as well - I love yard sales and flea markets, but most of them don't have the kinds of things I'm looking for. I look anyway, because every now and then, I find something I want. Ten bucks for a stack of twenty comics isn't too bad. I picked it up specifically because there were a few Blue Beetle issues in there from the 80's series, but there was also an issue of E-Man and one of Vanguard Illustrated that really intrigued me. Never saw either, before.

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