Sunday, November 28, 2010

DC Classics Thoughts

So, tomorrow, on Cyber Monday, is re-activating some of the DC Classics Two-Packs that they have sold online, making them available again. Of course, I got most of them the first time.
  • Adam Strange and Starfire
  • Animal Man and B'wana Beast
  • Romat-Ru and Karu-Sil
  • Ultraman and Alexander Luthor Sr.
The only one I missed was the Ultraman two-pack. At the time, I wasn't interested in it, but with the reactivation, I may pick it up. For the most part, with these online-only two-packs, they focus on characters that might not otherwise fly off the shelves. Starfire is the only real B-list or better amongst the bunch. I think this is a pretty smart idea, letting us diehard collectors have a chance at smaller runs of more obscure characters.

That said, they haven't introduced a new one in a little while, so I'd like to suggest some more potential two-packs.

Firebrand and The Shining Knight - I love the All-Star Squadron. Sir Justin has a fun potential accessory with his sword, and it would help build on the line's sparse Golden Age presence.

Johnny Quick and Liberty Belle - Did I mention that I love the All-Star Squadron? The line already has Commander Steel. We need his All-Star comrades.

Johnny Thunder and his Thunderbolt - This one is perfect for a two-pack. You can't sell Johnny Thunder by himself, it just isn't done. And he's a founder of the JSA. The T-Bolt would be an awesome new sculpt, and Johnny's mold could reuse or be reused for lots of other sportcoat-and-slacks types, especially one I'll get to in a moment.

Uncle Sam, Phantom Lady, and Doll Man - The Sinestro Corps two-packs had one of Karu-Sil's doglike 'fathers' as a limited-articulation bonus, and a tiny Dollman honestly wouldn't need ANY articulation. The Freedom Fighters have to get started sometime!

Impulse and Max Mercury - We've got Barry, and Wally as Kid Flash. No Jay yet. So this one may be dubious in its prospects, but we already have a Robin roughly equivalent to his Young Justice costume, and a leather-jacket Superboy, and Red Tornado - so we really need an Impulse to round out the team's starting line-up. And who better to pack in with him than Max?

Doc Magnus and Platinum - They've got Iron and Gold so far, in the line. Mercury's coming, too. You could do Platinum as a single-card, but why not pair her with the otherwise plain-looking Doc Magnus? And hey, you could even reuse the same basic mold as Johnny Thunder.

Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne - Secret identity action figures are another fun thing you can do with the small-target-audience format. Plus, the DC Classics line has been pushing hard to release versions of every figure that appeared in the Super Powers line, and Clark Kent was one of those, though he was a bonus mail-away figure.

Jimmy Olsen and Lois Lane - In a similar vein, supporting cast figures. Jimmy can re-use that Johnny Thunder mold, and could have some fun accessories. And Lois is probably the single most important civilian in the DC Universe.

Oracle and Commissioner Gordon - Also supporting characters, but Oracle, at least, could be the head of a Birds of Prey set - perhaps including two-packs of Hawk and Dove, or Huntress and Zinda Blake. Huntress could support a single-card release, definitely, but Hawk and Dove were made to be together, and how else will we get a Zinda? Barbara is already sort of represented in the line, with the classic Batgirl figure, but still..

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