Sunday, November 13, 2011

Gaming Tangents

This one goes way back, but I recently found a tangible piece of evidence relating to t his tangent, so I thought I'd share. In my D&D game, the party had trekked across a vast wasteland to a demon-owned keep to free a missing sage from his captors. As it turned out, the keep also had another prisoner - a Beholder, whose lair the demons had destroyed.

The explanation of this elicited some faux sympathy for the poor Beholder - and as things often do, this spiralled into one of our tangents. You see, he was no longer a Beholder, but a Behobo. A Behobo is a Beholder who has become Behomeless. One of my players found that this inspired her to make art.

I love the bindle, the bloodshot central eye, the stubble..

Of course, tangents sometimes mutate, as this one did, giving rise to the idea of another Beholder variant - the Behamster.

The one floating uselessly in the exercise wheel is what kills me.

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