Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Origins 2012

One post ought to do it this year - due to a desire to leave myself some shopping time, and the fact that a double-dose of the Smithee Awards left me with less gaming time than usual, I attended fewer events than most any year previous.

Day One (Wednesday) : Warhammer 40K Introductory Session. There was also a mash-up game of My Little Pony and the Warhammer 'Death Watch' RPG that I wanted to get in, but it sold out less than eight minutes into registration.

Day Two (Thursday) : Two sessions of the DC Adventures game, both starring actual DC characters. Also, a playtest session of D&D Next. I had fun playing Martian Manhunter, and then Booster Gold, in the DC games. D&D Next was interesting, but the slot was overbooked and the poor, drafted extra GM running the overflow table had not had a chance to read the latest revisions thoroughly, and was short on sleep - he'd occasionally nod off while we were running combats.

Day Three (Friday) : Tried the Alien Frontiers boardgame, which was cool, and attended the MetaMegaSmithee awards. Also had another Warhammer session - a few squads of Imperial Guard trying to survive long enough to evacuate, against a Tyranid swarm.

Day Four (Saturday) : Blew off my morning event, shopped around, attended the regular-sized Smithee Awards.

Highlights :

  • Martian Manhunter, disguised as Superman, tricking Metallo into opening up his chest, exposing his Kryptonite heart - and then plucking it free with a stretchy Martian arm. Bonus : Using a hero point to go intangible as Zoom tried to recover the Kryptonite.
  • Booster Gold asking Captain Marvel if the Wisdom of Solomon allowed him to count cards (as we descended into Las Vegas).
  • The Smithees, as always.

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