Monday, September 21, 2009

Weekend Watching

A new 'feature', wherein I briefly discuss what television show or movie had my eyeballs glued to it over the weekend.

Warehouse 13 - Saved on my DVR from Tuesday. I'm not excited enough about the show to need to watch it the night it comes on, or even the day after, but I do really enjoy it. If I could change one thing about it, I would stop the writers' herculean effort to push the two leads together romantically. It's not that the actors in question don't have chemistry, it just feels so predictable in a show that's otherwise pretty innovative. Wikipedia has a list of artifacts from the show so far. Saves me from having to put one together!

Law and Order - I'm a big fan of 'classic' Law and Order, mainly because Jack McCoy is the greatest District Attorney who ever fictionally lived. So I finally picked up some of the season DVD sets, starting with Season 4 which is the one preceding Jack's debut. Watched several episodes while working on painting pewter miniatures.

Important Things With Demetri Martin - Offbeat, funny. The first episode I saw on Comedy Central hooked me - I really like Martin's low-key comedy style. Picked up the DVD.

Anchorman - A friend of mine hadn't seen Anchorman, which I consider to be Judd Apatow's second funniest film, after Walk Hard. Mainly because of Steve Carrell as Brick Tamland. I love lamp.

Legend of Drunken Master - Local video store went out of business, and sold off their movie stock. The pickings were pretty thin by the time I got around to checking it out, but with movies at $4 apiece, there were still a few things I was happy to pick up, this among them. There's never a bad time for a Jackie Chan movie.

Pride of the Yankees - And this is another one I snagged for $4. Quite a shift, tonally, from most of the rest of the stuff I watched this weekend. But there's also never a bad time for a Gary Cooper movie.

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