Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Weekend Watching

A couple of fall premieres this weekend, and one special footnote.

Law and Order - I spent a little time with Law and Order Season Five, finally finishing up the last of it yesterday. I think I need to do a post all about Jack McCoy sometime.

Family Guy - Big season premiere. It was a Stewie/Brian episode, which is my favorite kind - 'Road to the Multiverse'. Basically glimpses of alternate universes including a Disney parody that had my sides splitting and a shot at Robot Chicken that was pretty entertaining, too. I love the friendly jabs those shows take at one another.

American Dad - It's basically the same show as Family Guy, of course, but I like'em both. I did not watch the new Cleveland show, because I think I've got enough Seth MacFarlane content to watch already.

Titan Maximum - The creators of Robot Chicken give us a genre-aware version of Voltron. It's definitely funny, but I'm hoping that subsequent episodes have a little more densely packed humor, now that the premise is fully established. The Sasha character - token 'Mean Girl' of the group - is pretty funny despite the age of that particular cliche.

From the ending :

(Titan Maximum has just defeated a rampaging robot - the robot's chest beam fires, blowing a hole through Titan Maximum and toppling it. The team gets out of the wreckage and assembles in stunned silence at their close-call, pyrrhic victory. Sasha breaks the silence, addressing the other girl on the team.)
Sasha : Look at what you did, Jodie.
I also like the monkey-janitor on the team, who reacts to everything anyone says with the same look of passive indifference.

I'm sure a lot of my watching this week will be 30 Rock, Season Three and Star Trek, Season Two (on Blu-Ray! Mmmm..) which arrived from Amazon yesterday.

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