Sunday, February 7, 2010

Week in Geek

Star Trek Online is good. Not a home run, but a solid triple. The space combat is everything it should be, and the ground-based away team combat is.. probably about as good as it can be. I die fairly frequently.

The massive snow this weekend motivated me to try to install the old Command and Conquer games on my previous PC, a decent little Windows XP box. My recent purchase of a new PC proved even more fortuitous than I had believed, because while I was working on C&C the XP Box's hard drive died.

Well, it's not dead, but it's in a vegetative state. Played around with the cables, connected it to different spots - the best I can manage is that sometimes, the drive is readable, and most often, it is not. Fortunately, I got almost all the data off of that drive, but it's still disappointing. I threw in an even older hard drive I had laying around and reinstalled XP, leaving the bad one in as a secondary drive - I may try to get a few more things off it if it comes up again.

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