Monday, July 5, 2010

Week in Geek

And an excellent one, at that, for the most part. Though I am verging close to an eyestrain headache after spending too much time playing Pokemon. I love when I get to take a week off of work and just stay home and relax.

The high point of the week was easily Saturday's gaming session - the Golden Age heroes assembled to unravel a fifty year old murder and a vengeful spirit it engendered. The session, 'How The West Was Wan', also introduced potential recurring menace, Wan Tsung, Chinese crimelord. We also managed three hours of the SolarQuest board game before mounting fatigue demanded we determine a winner by 'who has the most cash on hand'.

The game session had a fair share of amusing table talk as well. Resident mystic, The Assyrian, and resident scientist, Professor Express, clashed in their methodologies somewhat when Professor Express skeptically suggested they might need to find a homeless guy to have on hand in case the spell needed an extra soul. The Police Commissioner also reacted poorly to the Assyrian's request to have the body of the murdered man moved to natural soil to facilitate 'arcane rites', saying he'd just have the body released for the night as long as the hero had it back in the morning, no questions asked.

From there, the homo-erotic jokes spiraled out of control a little - I think Frederic Wertham might be spinning in his grave. Flag-Waver caught one of the other potential victims trying to bolt from his apartment, then when the con man tried to sell Flag-Waver the dead marshal's badge for $10, Flag-Waver offered him the $10 just to stay in the room with him. I think you can guess where the riffing went on that exchange.

The capper, though, was the ever-reliable Eric, playing the Assyrian. Earlier in the session, he had used magic to disguise himself, so he wouldn't look like a superhero, so he could sneak around. Later in the session, he wanted to clarify that he was assuming that guise again, but what he actually said was :

"I'm still glamoured to look like a guy."

Which busted us all up.

The team also officially started their trophy room, but we still haven't settled on a final name, though I'm going to make some suggestions this week.

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