Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Week in Geek

I ended up being a bit busy yesterday, so I didn't get to this post in a timely fashion. My biggest geek thing from last week would be the Weird Al concert. It was an excellent show - the second time I've seen Al live - and I even got some pictures. I'll have to crop and size them, then maybe I can link them here. He had a new polka medley for the show, and a snippet of at least one new parody that could end up on his next album.

My new MasterMaze pieces arrived, as well, and I got them opened and inspected yesterday - very nice. They're 3-D dungeon terrain, made of painted resin, from a company called Dwarven Forge. Very cool looking, but expensive. I ordered them while at Origins.

I'm still troubleshooting my computer, and I have the problem narrowed down to either the motherboard or the power supply, and I'm strongly leaning towards the latter. I have a borrowed power supply that I can try to use to confirm my hypothesis.

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