Monday, August 23, 2010

Week in Geek

Really solid week of geek stuff for me.

Firstly, there was Rifftrax : Reefer Madness. A live (via satellite) show that was tremendously entertaining. And there's going to be another one in October - they'll riff on House on Haunted Hill, the original Vincent Price version.

I finally got through the Hack/Slash Omnibus Volume 2 that had been sitting around awhile - I like it. I may have to start picking up the series regularly. I grabbed a few issues of it, just before it jumped publishers, but haven't gone back to buying it yet.

I made some great strides in Pokemon, but most of my video game time went into UFO : Alien Invasion and Starcraft II. UFO:AI really just makes me want to play X-Com, though. This week, we get Elemental : War of Magic, which promises to be fun, and I may have to spend some time in City of Heroes with the new Going Rogue expansion.

And I got to run my Golden Age superheroes game, which was awesome - the characters were up against Dr. Despair and his Misery Museum! And DC Adventures was released this week, too. I'm slowly reading through it, and I generally like what I see. I may have to do a review.

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