Monday, May 3, 2010

Week in Geek

The big geek thing this week was Free Comic Book Day - which my local store turned into an extended two-day event. The 40% discount on back issues and available Lantern Rings (1 of any color per $10 spent) lured me into splurging on some back issues. Now I've got two complete sets of rings.

My upstairs television bought the farm yesterday, though - I was watching season eight of Dragonball Z - well, listening, mainly - poking my head back into the doorway to get the visuals occasionally. Suddenly, I noticed that the colors were way off - everything had gone green, and not in the environmental sense. Sure, Piccolo looked fine, but everything else was screwed up. I tried power-cycling it, and adjusting the color controls in the set's menu, but I was only able to mitigate the shift slightly.

So, time to buy a new relatively inexpensive TV.

I also spent some time this week putting together another robot model - it'd been a while since I'd done one, and I had three sitting around in boxes waiting, so I decided to grab one this weekend and throw it together.

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