Sunday, May 23, 2010

Week in Geek

Kind of a hectic week in geek, though a lot of it was spent in non-geeky pastimes like routine household maintenance. Still, I managed to get several nerdy tasks completed.

Most importantly, I got to run one of my Mutants and Masterminds games and make progress on some characters for the other. We got to run a short session of the Nexus game wherein I introduced a new player and his new character to the group, and we've got some very promising concepts for the Golden Age game brewing. I may even get to run next weekend, as well, which would make three weekends in a row - an almost unheard of streak for this year.

I also did some advanced toy hunting today, picking up a few more rare DC Classics finds from the collector I know in Pennsylvania - including some of the proto-Classics line called 'DC Superheroes'. Same articulation and scale as the Classics, but sometimes a little less in the quality control. On the other hand, that line has a number of figures not yet adapted to DC Classics, including Parasite and Bizarro. Steel, also, but the collector didn't have one of those for me to buy.

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