Sunday, October 23, 2011

New Comics Day and CharCon

Just got back from attending a little local gaming convention - had a good time, despite a pretty mediocre hotel. I got to do a Pathfinder game, a Savage Worlds "Bureau 13" game, a FUDGE Supers game, played Dark Heresy for the first time, and finished up with a Deadlands game. All good sessions, though not one of them was actually a full table - mostly, people seemed to be doing other games than the ones I picked. C'est la vie.

Jolly Blackburn (of Knights of the Dinner Table) was a special guest, not too shabby for a con of this size. I wish I'd scheduled a little more loosely - it turns out that Saturday night, they were doing CharCon After Dark, including a session with the relatively new local Dr. Sketchy's crew, which I would have loved to have gone to.

The Bureau 13 game stands out - we ended up battling a Louisiana vampire who'd created crawling hands and summoned a hellhound - thereby demonstrating decent magical talent - who was using them to guard and operate his still. A somewhat modest goal for someone with that kind of spell mojo. I dubbed him the "Redneck-romancer."

Also! Got comics this week :

  • War Goddess #2
  • Warlord of Mars #11
  • Darkwing Duck #17
  • Fables #110
  • Herc #9
  • Star Trek / Legion of Super-Heroes #1
  • Dungeons and Dragons #12
  • Atomic Robo : Ghost of Station X #2
  • Green Lantern Corps #2
  • Blue Beetle #2
  • Nightwing #2
  • Wonder Woman #2
  • Batman #2
  • Legion of Super-Heroes #2
  • Justice League #2

That's it!

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