Wednesday, October 5, 2011

New Comics Day

This week's bunch.

  • Warlord of Mars : Dejah Thoris #7
  • Invincible #83
  • Knights of the Dinner Table #178
  • FF #9
  • Green Arrow #2
  • Red Lanterns #2
  • Detective Comics #2
  • OMAC #2
  • Animal Man #2
  • Stormwatch #2
  • Justice League International #2
  • Action Comics #2

With the exception of those last three team books, all the DC stuff this week is on the 'bubble', so to speak. Acceptable enough for me to try it out for an issue or two more, but not thrilling. Animal Man's a bit better, and so is OMAC, but still not compelling. Stormwatch is definitely up a few points this time, though - the art's a lot more consistent, and we're starting to see some of those big Morrisonian concepts that it needs. JLI's still B-plus. Action knocks it out of the park again.

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