Monday, March 15, 2010

Week in Geek

It's always a good week when I get to run my game. My team of post-apocalyptic Power Rangers met Saturday to embark on what is sometimes colloquially referred to as a "bug hunt", man. Or, in this case, Mutant Hybrid Dino-Rabbits. I had great fun introducing the paranoid, acerbic Dr. Nakata - chief xenobiologist of the Civil Defense Forces who has a hangar-sized lab of atrocities to call his own, and who had not one second's hesitation in adapting to the team's use of the word 'abominations' to refer to his work.

Because his abominations are the best abominations, you see.

I do some of my best NPC work when I have an excuse to flex my natural sarcastic muscles, and I established that Dr. Nakata had a thinly-veiled contempt for the muscle-bound Saiyan-lite, Kogu, along with a deep desire to dissect him, if ever given the opportunity. Alternating between the derogatory nicknames "Lout" and "Glow-Worm" conveyed the proper animosity.

The party was recruited to go after some of Nakata's escaped experiments - enormous regenerating lizard-rabbits that could bite through cars. We did get one solidly amusing bit of table talk when the PCs were discussing how to get the remains back to the lab, and the idea was suggested to fashion a crude carrying bag out of the remains themselves.

Matt : "Yeah, cut'em open like a Taun-Taun."
Me : " 'I thought they looked fashionable.. on the outside!' "

All in all, a good session - the recovery of a seemingly-dead-and-then-seemingly-undead samurai from the tunnels the rabbits had uncovered allowed me to start establishing one of the important points of the mythology of the campaign - namely, that there were weird things around before the Rifts came.

They did manage to avoid a fight when the samurai asked for his sword - I hadn't expected them to comply so respectfully. But that's alright, there will be other opportunities..

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