Monday, March 22, 2010

Week in Geek

I had a mercifully restful weekend where I didn't have to do anything in particular, so I spent countless hours playing Marvel : Ultimate Alliance 2, trying to earn the 'Powers of Two' achievement. I really want to finish that game before I delve into any of the other ever-accumulating XBox games I've got piling up, and I managed to move a big step closer this weekend. I also need to get back to Lunar : Silver Star Story and Final Fantasy IV : The After Years.

My tiny robots from Japan arrived - handy for miniatures in my mecha game. I can debut them the next time we play, but I suspect more work is going to go into the Golden Age first. I am having a blast coming up with retro characters for it. I still need to recruit two more people, though.

I picked up a new digital camera this week, replacing the previous one that might as well have had a tiny pterodactyl carving the images into miniature stone tablets. ('It's a living!') My old digital camera was a boxy HP, with 3 Megapixels, which could not recognize memory cards above 1GB in size. It also ate batteries like Skittles. The new one's a basic Canon Powershot and I love it already. This year's trip to Origins is going to be well-documented.

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