Sunday, March 28, 2010

Week in Geek

I've had a really lazy week - primarily focusing my leisure time on Marvel : Ultimate Alliance 2 and Dragon Quest IV. Lots of hours invested there. I'm getting close to done in UA2, at least.

I've spent some time this week watching Dragonball Z again, as well. The web series 'DBZ Abridged' rekindled my interest quite a bit and I saw season sets on sale, so .. yeah. It's even more drawn-out than I remember, actually. Still, I enjoy it.

I saw Forgetting Sarah Marshall for the first time - Netflix rental. Very funny!

Due to scheduling issues, it's not likely I'll get to run my game for the next two weekends - c'est la vie.

I'm really hoping to start my Silver Age Green Lantern reviews soon, but I need to get a new scanner to work with my Windows 7 PC first.

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