Monday, April 5, 2010

Week in Geek

Next weekend, I'll be in San Francisco for work-related reasons, and will probably miss an edition of this. Be forewarned.

My focus this week has fallen on comic books and on Dragonball Z. Once every few months, I take the stack of accumulated comics I've piled up and go through to bag and board them, then tuck them away in a box. I got through a cycle of that this weekend, and then did some re-arranging of the boxes - moving the ones with no currently active series into closets for storage, freeing up considerable space.

I really need to consider storing some of them in the basement, but I'm worried about the moisture factor. Perhaps someday, after finishing the basement floor.

And as for Dragonball Z - I'm up to Season 3 now, with the epic-length Frieza fight. I had forgotten just how funny the show is - I think that probably contributed significantly to my longterm enjoyment of it when it originally aired. It's never afraid to pull something silly in the middle of one of those huge fights. And of course, it's giving me RPG ideas.

Speaking of which, I have two confirmed character concepts from each of the three main players signed up for my Golden Age game. The Sorcerer. The Brawler. The Archer. The Powerhouse. The Super-Soldier. The .. well, I don't know what to call a Johnny Thunder-type character, except 'idiot savant, now with 100% less savant'. The Golden Age game is really starting to take shape - I think I'm going to enjoy this.

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