Monday, April 19, 2010

Week in Geek

Back from San Francisco - managed to get in some geeky time there, what with the book shopping and the visit to the Carton Art Museum. Very cool place, and I wish it were somewhere closer. I found a store in Chinatown with the most enormous selection of Gundam models I've ever seen - I could easily have gone bankrupt, but the plethora of choice overwhelmed me to such a degree that I couldn't decide to buy anything.

Also, I saw Hot Tub Time Machine. Two thumbs up.

Today and yesterday, though, were more eventful in geek terms - I managed to find and purchase scores of toys from all the lines I collect, advancing my cause of completion considerably! I'm looking at them, spread out, and just want to giggle madly.

Apart from that, let's see - still working through Dragonball Z, still playing Dragon Quest IV.

Gotta run - toys to open!

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